Fall 2022 Seed Sale

Stock up on seed for fall and winter bird feeding. You’re sure to find joy watching birds flock to your feeder as the days grow cold and short. As the seasons move on, natural food sources start to diminish, and seed can provide extra energy to help birds make it through the winter. And when you purchase seed through us, you help us raise funds so we can continue to fight for the preservation of birds and their habitats.


Order Deadline
Friday, November 4

Pick-up at Bylane Farm (35 Todd Road, Katonah)
Saturday, November 19, from 10am-1pm or choose from our delivery options

Orders over $150
Free Delivery (between November 19-25)

Orders under $150
$25 delivery charge for local* orders.

*Local delivery is available within the Bedford Audubon communities of Armonk, Bedford, Brewster, Carmel, Katonah, Lewisboro, Mount Kisco, North Salem, Patterson, Pound Ridge, and Yorktown. Live outside those areas? Call us at 914-232-1999 to see if we can deliver.

Tufted Titmouse on a feeder (AdobeStock)

Fall Seed Sale Product Descriptions

Sunflower: Black oil has a thin shell that most birds can open, and it provides high energy; striped has a thicker shell that’s harder for blackbirds to open, but grosbeaks love it; kernals have no shells.

Safflower: Starlings and squirrels don’t prefer it; cardinals and chickadees do!

Thistle (Nyjer): Tiny seed preferred by goldfinches, siskins, and buntings.

Finch Mix: Features two types of German millet, nyjer, sunflower chips (fine enough to fit through the tiny holes of a finch feeder) + canary seed.

Hearty No Shell: Sunflower hearts, peanut kernels, hulled millet, Nyjer + cracked corn. No mess under your feeder!

Fruit, Nut & Berry: Whole peanut kernels, black oil, safflower, sunflower hearts, raisins, cranberries + dried cherries to attract woodpeckers, finches, titmouse, chickadees, jays, cardinals.

Deluxe Mix: High percentage of black oil sunflower + white millet, with cracked corn, striped sunflower + safflower. Attracts a wide variety of birds including jays, cardinals, woodpeckers, various sparrows, finches, and more.

Economy: A mix of red milo, cracked corn, white millet + black oil sunflower. A favorite of ground-feeding or platform feeding birds including doves, catbirds, sparrows, and thrashers.

Suet Cakes: High fat + protein, gives birds the extra energy they need in cold weather. Attracts woodpeckers, nuthatches, titmouses, chickadees.

Photo at top: American Goldfinch (AdobeStock)