5 Animal Tracks to Look for in Your Backyard

To my fellow New Yorkers: there are cool critters shuffling through your yard this winter—and I’m not talking about your dog or the neighbor’s cat that’s always getting out (you know, the one who conveniently finds its way to your bird feeder).

These visitors fly and flutter, they’re the raptors and songbirds you hear from the window; and now that winter’s in full swing, they’re writing their visits in snow. From Snowy Owls to fiery red Northern Cardinals, here are 5 tracks you didn’t know were in your backyard—and the tricks you need to spot them.

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The Eagles are Counting on You

Join Bedford Audubon and Saw Mill River Audubon for the 2017 EagleWatch season to monitor Bald Eagle winter roosts in Verplank, George’s Island, and the New Croton Reservoir. Monitoring occurs the 90 minutes before sundown each Thursday in January and February.

How do You Connect to Nature?

Today, more than ever, connecting to nature is critical. Getting your blood pumping on a bird walk or nature hike is good for your body. Seeking respite from the daily grind by immersing yourself in birdsong improves your mental health. Learning about the nature that surrounds you keeps your brain sharp.

A Journey from Birds to Native Plants

Join us on Wednesday, January 11 for a lecture given by Carol Copabianco, Executive Director of the Native Plant Center of Westchester County. A longtime birder, journalist, and native plant devotee, Carol will connect the dots between our backyard gardens and the birds we love.

Thank You, Albano Appliance

Thank you to Fred and the team at Albano Appliance in Pound Ridge for delivering our new-to-us Viking stove—it looks and cooks great! We made this upgrade to our kitchen thanks to the generosity of an individual who donated their stove to us during their home renovation.