Sarah Marshall

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Bylane Farm by Bob Rohr

Sarah Marshall

Why I’m passionate about Bedford Audubon:

I would rather be outdoors than in. My parents were teachers, camp directors, and adventurers and I spent most of my childhood on nature walks, and in fields and streams. Our whole family even drove to Alaska from my hometown of Pittsburgh when I was ten—camping the whole way. As a mother of two small sons, I’m passing on my love of nature and share in their discovery. I want to support a place that nurtures the love and importance of wildlife and conservation in a warm and inviting way. That place is Bedford Audubon.

The beauty of birds is that they are everywhere. Anyone can be a birder, to enjoy and learn about birds, and sometimes all it takes is one remarkable encounter to spark a lifelong interest.

More about me:

I studied fine art in college and still try to find time in my studio (when my kids let me). But my career path led to Marketing/Communications and Development and I’ve worked in many arts institutions and non-profits, as well as corporate advertising agencies. I hope to contribute some of my knowledge during this exciting time in Bedford Audubon’s history.

My favorite bird is the:

Tough question. But I would have to say the Blue Penguin. On a trip to New Zealand, I hid in beach grasses for 3 hours at night, to watch them come ashore and go to their burrows. It was a freezing, but unforgettable (and they are so darn cute).

Side story: My 4-year-old was looking through one of my bird books with me and I pointed out the Baltimore Oriole and said, “Wow, look at the Oriole, such a beautiful bird, I love them” and he said, “Yeah, I love Oreos, too.”  One day at a time!

Ask me about:

Printmaking, travel, DIY projects, flea markets

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