Gerardo Mendez


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Why I’m passionate about Bedford Audubon:

Bedford Audubon made me realize that I’m not alone in my obsession with wildlife.   While I can’t identify and locate all of the living creatures around us (yet), there’s a vast group of like-minded individuals here that are seeking greater knowledge and exposure to our avian friends. It’s through my walks, lectures, and involvement with Bedford Audubon that I’ve grown in my recognition of our natural world, but also made some wonderful friends, too.

Bedford Audubon also inspires me to cultivate a more native approach to landscaping, so that we are not merely occupying a space, but are stewards of our environment.  Through talking with Tait and Liz, we’ve begun to root out invasive species to allow the native vegetation to thrive at home.

More about me:

I grew up in Florida with an abundance of incredible backyard birds that only now do I truly appreciate. I’ve had a fascination with animals for all of my life, but only since my move to Bedford in 2014 did I realize my niche as a birder. Looking back at my vacation photos there’s a plethora of wildlife photography… peppered with the occasional family photo.

My favorite bird is the:

At the moment it’s the Northern Flicker. There’s a pair that takes a dust bath in our backyard and I stop to see them each time. I’ve always been a fan of woodpeckers and to regularly see a ground-based woodpecker is just amazing.

Ask me about:

Amateur photography, getting started as a novice birder, balancing life with birding

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