Charlotte Catalano

HawkWatch Interpreter & Spotter

Chestnut Ridge HawkWatch by Katherine Dunn



More about me:

I hail from Wisconsin and grew up in the Milwaukee suburbs. I started college at University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee before transferring to Northland College in Ashland, Wisconsin to earn an undergraduate degree in Natural Resources, Fisheries & Wildlife Ecology and Art. In college I assisted a professor with a long-term research on American Kestrel decline. I’ve also worked for the Mexican Gray Wolf Recovery Program, an eastern Wild Turkey demographics study in Alabama, and a Ring-necked Pheasant project in South Dakota.

When not working, it’s hard to find me without my camera, whether around town or on a hike, as one never knows when nature will present an unexpected moment that might be documented and shared.


My favorite bird is the:

Despite my passion for raptors, the decidedly smaller American Goldfinch claims my coveted “favorite bird” position. Between the endearing “potato chip” call, yellow coloring, etc., there is little competition, although the Rough-legged Hawk comes in at number two.