Bill Cavers

Executive Director

Bylane Farm by Bob Rohr

Why I’m passionate about Bedford Audubon:

On my first visit to Bylane Farm, I immediately saw its beauty and felt its sense of place.  And in my conversations with Bedford Audubon’s staff and board members, the passion for birds and habitat conservation reverberated strongly.  I am convinced that Bedford Audubon can make an outsized difference in the fight to protect our environment.

More about me:

I grew up in the Boston area and have lived in Darien, Connecticut since 1993, raising our two children with my wife, Laura.  I’m a graduate of Johns Hopkins and I have an MBA from Michigan which I used for a 30-year career in Energy Finance.  I’ve worked for a number of large investment firms, focusing on large-scale solar, wind and other clean energy projects and ventures.  After retiring in 2017, I quickly embraced nonprofit environmental work, raising funds for two green energy ventures in Africa, expanding the environmental work of our town’s Coastal Commission and serving as a Senior Fellow at Conservation Law Foundation to start up their Connecticut office.  My passion for protecting the environment comes from my family’s heritage in public service and environmentalism and from many years of sailing trips up and down the beautiful New England coast.

My favorite bird is the:

Definitely hummingbirds!  They love my wife’s native plants, have ridiculous fights at the feeder, and even hover in front of my face on occasion.  A close second is the American Oystercatcher.  Their bright red beaks and eyes, purposeful flight paths and sharp peeps are breathtaking.

Ask me about:

Long distance kayaking, star gazing and the importance of dark skies, the fox that stores food in our garden, what books I last read.

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