Susan Fisher

Vice President

Bylane Farm by Bob Rohr

Susan Fisher

Susan’s love of gardening and birds led her to Bedford Audubon, and within a month of becoming a member, she became our volunteer registrar. That role gradually expanded to helping with our calendar, website and social media, and joining our marketing committee. As her time spent volunteering with Bedford Audubon has increased, so has her passion for helping us reach our goals.

Susan worked in various industries including direct mail marketing and publishing, but left the workforce to raise her two daughters. She then began volunteering, and has spent half of the last 10 years on the Chappaqua PTA Executive Board, and when not on it, chairing committees and events that have surpassed fundraising and participation goals. Under Susan’s leadership, Chappaqua PTA brought programming to hundreds of students and members in support of the PTA’s mission.

Susan is energized about contributing in a meaningful way to Bedford Audubon, as its mission of “connecting people to nature” is close to her heart. Susan is honored to join the Board and use her skills to achieve this mission.