Hope in the Face of the Climate Change Challenge

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You’re invited to our November lecture (our monthly Second Wednesday Series) on Hope in the Face of Climate Change with Environmental Scientist & Author Jack Kozuchowski on November 8

Many conservationists are in despair about the future ahead, as society continues “business as usual” with regard to carbon emissions. Unchecked, climate change is changing habitats, disrupting ecological cycles, and may result in the extinction of many bird species we hold dear. But is there hope? Is it possible to avoid the worst-case scenario?

Mr. Kozuchowski will make the case that it is not too late to mitigate the impacts of climate change, and that there are indeed hopeful signs that society is moving into a new world of sustainability. If the future of our planet looks bleak to you, join us to listen to this important message of hope, and take a peek at seven different scenarios of how our world could fare in the face of the climate change challenge.

Jack Kozuchowski is a retired Environmental Scientist and Water Resource Manager, and a longtime Bedford Audubon member. After retiring in 2014, he has dedicated the professional pursuits of his retirement years to educating the public about the challenges to our planet by climate change, why there is hope, and how to channel hope into mitigating the impacts. Mr. Kozuchowski is a Climate Reality Leader, trained by Al Gore, and the author of “Climate Futures, Time Travels to Alternative Outcomes.”

The program will be held in the Garden Room of the Katonah Village Library. Please join us for refreshments at 7pm, and the lecture begins at 7:30. No registration necessary– see you there!

(And please bring a reusable mug to reduce your ecological footprint.)

Photo: Jack (L) at the Chestnut Ridge HawkWatch, with Silvan (R), our HawkWatch Counter for 2017. Photo courtesy of Charlotte Catalano.


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