2023 Volunteer Opportunities

Join our “flock” of volunteers…

Bedford Audubon’s mission is to cultivate a community that values the conservation of birds and their habitats. It does so by providing high-quality environmental education programs, research, and birdwatching experiences. It is headquartered at Bylane Farm, an historic 1700’s farmhouse located in Katonah, New York. Bedford Audubon owns and stewards three nearby sanctuaries with over 600 wooded acres and 8 miles of hiking trails. It is a 501(c)(3) local nonprofit organization.

Established in 1913, Bedford Audubon is one of the oldest Audubon chapters in the country. It was integral in enacting early conservation laws in New York State to protect birds and habitat. Today, Bedford Audubon is a leading voice for conservation and the advancement of habitat networks that are essential for birds, pollinators, insects, and wildlife, and proudly serves the communities of Armonk, Bedford, Brewster, Carmel, Katonah, Lewisboro, Mount Kisco, North Salem, Patterson, Pound Ridge, Somers, and Yorktown.

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Outreach Volunteer

(with stipend)

Bedford Audubon started a Neighborhood Outreach Program in 2021 to engage more diverse people, partners and communities, especially disadvantaged communities. Two new Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) Outreach Volunteer positions have been established to expand on these initial efforts.

The Role
The EDI volunteer will report to the Executive Director and be responsible bringing Bedford Audubon programming to local underserved communities.


  • Identify two underserved communities to which programming could be provided and two local partners to work with
  • Working with staff and local partner(s), arrange 4-8 programs (educational talks, workshops, bird/nature walks) over the course of the year, reaching a minimum of 10 people per event


  • Five hours per week through the end of 2023
  • The position pays a stipend of $1,000 for the year
  • The position will be based out of Bedford Audubon’s headquarters in Katonah, NY or in a local community

Benefits of Volunteering
Besides helping build and diversify our audiences and participants, this position is meant to help volunteers advance their own knowledge of environmental nonprofits and issues, help build community activist and professional EDI skills, and offer a way for volunteers to network with other nonprofits in the region.

To Apply
Please email Bill Cavers, Excecutive Director or call 914-232-1999.


Native Garden Volunteer

Since its installation in 2012, our Leon Levy Native Habitat Garden has been a cornerstone of Bedford Audubon’s native plant and pollinator program. It is home to native plant programs and a backdrop for educational, public, and social events at Bylane Farm. As an Audubon organization, native plants are a core part of our mission to preserve bird habitat and connect people to nature.

With a generous new grant from the Leon Levy Foundation, and with the help of staff and volunteers, the garden will be redesigned and refreshed for the first time in over a decade. The goals for the redesign are to tranform the garden using species-focused plant strategies to support diverse bird, pollinator, and insect species and install clear educational signage and to expand our education and volunteer programs related to native habitat gardening.

The Role
As the garden renovation commences, a new Garden Volunteer Program is being formed.


  • This program will provide volunteers the opportunity to work alongside a professional native garden contractor during the revitalization of our garden. A regular schedule of volunteer hours will be available under an eight month scope of work;
  • Our contractor will offer regular instruction on native garden installation and editing in periodic pre-work educational sessions.

    Added Value (Optional!)
    Additional opportunities for volunteers wishing to help further expand the garden’s impact for Bedford Audubon could include the following:

    • Designing a new garden education curriculum and content for Bedford Audubon;
    • Organizing a docent program for tours of Bedford Audubon’s native garden;
    • Conceptualizing, designing, and helping provide resources for additional garden projects or programs that enhance Bedford Audubon’s native plant mission.

    To Apply
    Please email Bill Cavers, Excecutive Director or call 914-232-1999.


    Bedford Audubon Sanctuaries:

    Trailhead Kiosk & Sign Work

    Bedford Audubon offers public access to its three wildlife sanctuaries that have over seven miles of marked trails:

    • The Palmer H. Lewis Memorial Sanctuary in the town of Bedford is our smallest sanctuary at just 24 acres. The sanctuary is characterized by mature mountain laurel and large oaks and hickories. Eastern Coyote, Barred Owl, and Wood Thrush are present in the woodlands, and a small field is maintained for butterflies and Bluebirds.
    • The Ruth Walgreen Franklin and Winifred Fels Memorial Sanctuaryconsists of 204 acres in the town of North Salem. The sanctuary is mostly low deciduous woodlands, red maple swamp, and shrub swamp, which Barred Owls, Wild Turkeys, Chestnut-sided Warblers, Rose-breasted Grossbeaks, Great Crested Flycatcher, Pileated Woodpeckers, Louisiana Waterthrushes, and Worm-eating Warblers call home.
    • The James Ramsay Hunt & Mary Welsh Parker Memorial Sanctuarycovers 318 acres straddling the towns of Lewisboro and Bedford. This sanctuary is home to a small wet meadow and pond ecosystem that attracts hawks as well as Great Blue Herons, in addition to deciduous woodlands and a red maple swamp.

    The Role
    Bedford Audubon’s trailheads could use a little sprucing up.  Volunteers who have carpentry, painting and some manual labor skills and abilities are needed to help (materials will be provided).


    • Build (from a kit or from plans) and install one or two new small trailhead kiosks
    • Refurbish/repaint the existing main Hunt Parker sanctuary sign and the Palmer Lewis sign
    • Fasten a trailhead sign to our existing Hunt Parker kiosk
    • Install new parking signs
    • Install a new main Bedford Audubon Society sign and post in front of our headquarters.

      To Volunteer:
      Please email Bill Cavers, Excecutive Director or call 914-232-1999.


      Marketing & Communications Volunteer

      Marketing and outreach efforts are crucial to Bedford Audubon’s mission and impact.  We regularly communicate with our constituents and the community through email and social media, and our programs are listed in local calendars, newspapers, and on flyers.  Marketing efforts focus on our educational programs and events, but we also undertake select environmental advocacy work and engage in general publicity for Bedford Audubon as a nonprofit organization.

      The Role
      This volunteer position presents an opportunity for general marketing work to promote Bedford Audubon, or for marketing and communications work on specific science disciplines, e.g. ornithology, native plants, pollinators. Areas in which the Marketing & Communications volunteer could help include:

      • Writing content for and/or posting on Bedford Audubon’s social media accounts;
      • Creating event brochures and program materials;
      • Writing and distributing press releases;
      • Posting events on community calendars;
      • Coordinating and/or preparing printed newsletters using In Design template;
      • Updating the Bedford Audubon website.

          Benefits of Volunteering
          This is a great opportunity for volunteers to burnish their own professional credentials.

          To Apply
          Please email Bill Cavers, Excecutive Director or call 914-232-1999.