January Monthly Lecture Announced

Monthly Lecture at the Katonah Village Library. A presentation on Climate Education.

Join us for our monthly lecture presentation at the Katonah Village Library as we explore the essential facts we need to know to understand global warming and climate change, including the role humans play compared to nature, the current and future consequences and their projected timeline, viable clean energy options to fossil fuels, and finally, specific actions that we can take both as groups and individually to mitigate the damage and protect future generations. The presenter for the evening is Robert Whittaker, a recently retired trial attorney who specialty included cases involving complex scientific and medical issues. Trying hundreds of such cases, Mr. Whittaker became skilled at explaining scientific concepts and data in language and using illustrations that non-scientists can easily understand. He now uses that skill as a presenter for the Climate Education Project (CEP).

Wednesday, January 8th, 7:30 pm. Katonah Village Library. Cost: Free. Advance registration is not required. Join us at 7:00 pm for refreshments.