Marilyn Glass

Vice President

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Marilyn Glass

Why I’m passionate about Bedford Audubon:

I discovered Bedford Audubon’s booth at the John Jay Farmer’s Market about four years ago. Having been an enchanted lover of birds for as long as I could remember, here was a dedicated, highly respected organization just beckoning me to get involved. It was a no brainer! That weekend, I attended my first “Breakfast with the Hawks” and discovered many bird lovers like myself. Shortly afterward, I joined Bedford Audubon and can honestly say that my life has been enormously enriched.

For bird lovers, nature lovers, conservation devotees, this is where you will meet knowledgeable, passionate, warm, and friendly people. Our Naturalist and Executive Director are scholarly and generous with their hard work and time. They are continuously inspiring us to help protect the planet and of course, to save the birds!

More about me:

Besides birds and nature, I’m in love with art and music and spend a good amount of time engaged in these pursuits. I’m also on the Board of the Katonah Museum of Art, and described my love of birds with the Curator and suggested they do an exhibit about nests. She consulted with Bedford Audubon and created “The Nest” which was one of their most successful exhibitions. Docenting for this exhibition was a heartwarming experience as I shared my enthusiasm with visitors. I hope to do more of this type of creative, collaborative endeavor.

My favorite bird is the:

American Goldfinch

Ask me about:

Art, design, ballet, classical music, photography

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