Silvan Laan

Lead HawkWatch Counter

HawkWatch Platform by Katherine Dunn



More about me:

Ever since my great-aunt gave me an illustrated book on European birds, at the tender age of eleven, I have been hooked. Initially obsessed by rarities, I later became more interested in the ecology of birds. I have been doing surveys of breeding birds since 2007 in my native country Holland.

Now, having married an American lady, and blessed with a lovely baby daughter, I am being introduced to a New World of birding. I am delighted to be working for Bedford Audubon this fall as HawkWatch Lead Counter; come spot some raptors with me at Chestnut Ridge!

My favorite bird is the:

My favorite bird at the moment is Common Nighthawk. Appearing as they do in the quiet of the late afternoon, they are the most graceful of apparitions.