Dr. James Jones

Board Member

Bylane Farm by Bob Rohr

Jim Jones

Why I’m passionate about Bedford Audubon:

I started out with a bird feeder in my backyard that I would watch while reading the New York Times on Sunday mornings. I just loved watching the birds come to the feeder and wondering “what is that?”

Bedford Audubon helped me grow from a casual bird feeder to a passionate amateur birder. It’s given me a connection to my backyard and environment while providing a caring local community of wildlife lovers.

More about me:

I’m a physician who practiced HIV medicine for 20 years, and I now work in the pharmaceutical industry. My loves other than birding are my family and scuba diving. And, of course, I enjoy helping Bedford Audubon through my service on the Board.

My favorite bird is the:

The female Northern Cardinal. They have such wonderful understated coloring.

Ask me about:

Meditation, medicine, and birding

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