See more birds throughout the year! Join your neighbors in giving our local birds a boost and attract more species to your yard this fall. When you buy seed from Bedford Audubon, you not only get to view more birds, you support our mission to connect people to nature. Our quality seed product, priced below local specialty stores, will help you attract more birds with less waste while supporting a good cause!

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Sunflower Seed  Attract a large variety of birds using this in hanging tube feeders. Gives birds the high energy they need.

Sunflower Kernels  No hard shells, eliminating the mess under your feeder.

Safflower Seed  Squirrels and starlings don’t like it, but cardinals and chickadees do!

Seed Mixes – for a variety of birds

  • Economy A mix of white millet, milo, cracked corn, and sunflower seeds
  • Select High percentage of sunflower seeds, white millet, and cracked corn.
  • Premium No shells, no mess. Easier for the birds and you.

Suet Cakes. Woodpeckers and nuthatches love them. Choose from Nut & Berry or Peanut. Available individually or by the case.

2018 FALL Bird Seed Sale

Attract a wide variety of birds to your yard year round

Support Bedford Audubon’s mission to connect people to nature

Premium seed at good prices

Mark your calendar

  • Orders due: Saturday, October 27
  • Pick-up:       Saturday, November 17
  • Delivery options available