January Nature Almanac: What to Look for

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January Nature Almanac

By Tait Johansson, Naturalist

2   Full Moon.

3-4 Quarantids meteor shower.

12  Look for the networks of tunnels made by Meadow Voles in snow. These abundant small mammals are an important food source for many avian and mammalian predators.

20  Watch for Striped Skunks wandering around at night during a thaw. These slow-moving omnivores sleep during colder periods of the winter, but wake up and do some foraging for food when the temperature warms.

25  Look for Bald Eagles along open water on lakes and rivers. Our wintering population peaks during and right after the coldest parts of the winter.

31  Partial lunar eclipse visible from our area beginning 6:48am.

Photo Credit: Great Horned Owl by Tait Johansson


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