Thankful for you: Thank you to Susan Fisher!

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We’re thankful for you!

You might have noticed Bedford Audubon was quiet on GivingTuesday. Instead, we wanted to take the time to show our appreciation for our volunteers, and how thankful we are for each and everyone of you!

Volunteers are the lifeblood of Bedford Audubon. With such a small Staff, we rely on volunteers to help us with projects big and small. We wouldn’t be nearly as successful without them! Volunteers bring energy, joy, and hope to the mission.

Thank you!

The first volunteer we want to spotlight is Susan Fisher.

Thank you, Susan Fisher!

Susan Fisher is our Program Registrar. She began volunteering in this capacity last winter, and has taken flight in this position! When you sign up for a nature walk or field trip, Susan is the one on the other end of the email or phone call. She tracks program participation, coordinates with Tait, and sends out confirmation emails. She also keeps our online program calendar up to date!

In addition to her Registrar duties, Susan also contributes to Bedford Audubon’s social media presence.

A little more about Susan…

After moving out of Manhattan in 2005, Susan took up flower gardening as a hobby and mounted a bird feeder in my backyard. She was inspired to begin birding in part by her 86-year-old Aunt Vilma’s ornithological passion and in part due to her interest in the family of Barn Swallows that has nested under her covered front porch for the past five years. In addition to birding, Susan is a PTA volunteer and an avid knitter, cook, and photographer.

What’s Susan’s favorite bird?  Barn Swallows hold a special place in her heart, but she finds the Tufted Titmouse irresistible!

Photo Credits

Banner photo: Closed milkweed at Bylane Farm by Bob Rohr (2017).

Sidebar photo: Susan Fisher at home birding by Remi Fisher (2017).




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