October Nature Almanac: What to Look for

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October Nature Almanac

By Tait Johansson, Naturalist

1    Look for irrupting southern butterfly species like Firey Skipper and Sachem at late-blooming nectar sources such as asters and goldenrods.

5    Full Moon.

7-8  Draconid meteor shower, best viewed at nightfall & early evening.

15   Approximate peak of most brightly colored tree foliage, as leaves stop producing chlorophyll and reveal their true colors.

20   Peak of Cooper’s Hawk migration. This quick, medium-sized accipiter has increased its numbers in recent years.

21   Orionid meteor shower, best viewed pre-dawn.

25   Migration for many sparrow species peaking about now, with many species frequenting tall gardens and fields, as well as dense shrubbery. (A great reason to not dead-head your garden!)

Photo Credit: Charlotte Catalano



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