Join Bedford Audubon: See Me. Hear Me. Find Me.

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See Me. Hear Me. Find Me.

Our mission is to connect you to nature! We want to share the joy and wonder of seeing, hearing, and finding birds (butterflies, bees, plants, and more!) with you.

That’s why we’ve partnered with friends at local businesses to display gorgeous posters of our local birds. We want you to get to know our feathered friends, and to inspire you to go outside. Spending time outdoors is good for the body, and the soul. Your blood pressure drops, you’re able to focus more, and you’re often able to observe, learn, or experience something new. Consider joining us for a Naturalist-led walk, workshop, or field trip today to open your eyes, ears, and mind to nature!

Our programs are open to the public, but we hope you’ll become a member! Membership is one of the most sustainable ways to support Bedford Audubon’s work. As a special thank you gift, now through September 1, if you join or renew at the Eastern Bluebird level, we’ll send you a beautiful 18×24 poster featuring a local bird. Each photo was taken by interns or members, just like you.




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