Ten Reasons to Volunteer in our Leon Levy Native Garden

by Jun 6, 2017News0 comments

1. It’s a great way for you to learn more about native plants— no prior experience necessary, and we welcome all ages and abilities!

2. You’ll get to see and hear lots of fabulous birds that stop in the Garden during migration, or make their homes here.

3. Interested in butterflies? The Garden is full of these beauties!

4. The sights, sounds, scents, and textures of the Garden are a treat for your senses.

5. You’ll make new friends— our Tuesday morning volunteers are warm and welcoming.

6. Gardening is exercise! It’s a little like yoga, but with plants.

7. Doctors discovered that time in nature is good for your mental health, and even increases your productivity at work!

8. You’ll see tangible changes, like vanquishing a patch of weeds or planting a batch of perennials.

9. Volunteering feels good.

10. You’ll make a difference in our community— the Garden wouldn’t be what it is today without wonderful volunteers just like you!

Join us Tuesday mornings from 9 to 11am through the end of October (persistent rain or lightening will cancel) at the Leon Levy Native Garden!


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