June Nature Almanac

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5  Look for Hobomok Skippers, a small but striking orange, brown, and yellow butterfly, zipping by you as you walk along the edges of deciduous woods.

9  Full Moon.

15 Listen for Eastern Gray Tree Frogs’ loud, ringing, bird-like trill on warm nights.

20 Look for fireflies in fields and shrublands at dusk. The various species of these bioluminescent beetles attract mates with a specific pattern of “blinks.” But in one genus of fireflies (Photuris), the females mimic the blinking pattern of other species to lure in the males to kill and eat them.

21 Summer Solstice, the longest period of daylight all year and the first official day of summer.

30 Birdsong continues to dwindle as most male birds stop defending their territories after nesting.



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