April Nature Almanac

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April 2017

Many shorter-distance migrant birds now arriving or passing through, among them Northern Flicker, both Ruby-crowned and Golden-crowned Kinglets, many sparrow species, and a few of our earliest warblers like Pine and Yellow-rumped.

Spicebush in bloom. Look for the small, pale yellow flowers in woodlands festooning its horizontally-spreading branches before the leaves emerge.

11 Full moon.

15 Around ponds and lakes, listen for the long, muffled call of the Pickerel Frog. Given underwater, this vocalization sounds rather like someone slowly dragging a fingertip across the surface of a wet balloon.

20 Some of the first neotropical migrant birds, including Wood Thrush, Black-and-White Warbler, and Louisiana Waterthrush, start arriving.

22 Lyrid meteor shower.


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